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The Tourist Experience

If tourists are increasingly looking for an Ďauthenticí experience, according to Tourism New Zealand, then where, in Auckland, are they to find it? Not, I would suggest, with the Maori shows at the Museum, as entertaining as they are.
If you are a tourist in New Zealand, then your options are limited. Again, it is mostly through the museum that you will have any exposure to Maori and Polynesian culture, and tourism companies that conduct Marae tours and stays.
I published the Conventions New Zealand conference planner, a conference venue directory, for the New Zealand Convention industry, ran their website and did international marketing for them for six years. In that time I also took part in a competitive pitch to Tourism Auckland to publish a ĎGuide to Aucklandí. It was while preparing our pitch ten years ago that the shortfall in Aucklandís offering became apparent.