Kiwa Centre

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Cultural touchpoints such as this are essential to attract the kind of citizen to our city who will help us build a great place to live. These are creative people who bring new ideas and quality of life demands that continue to drive a cityís development. They can live anywhere they choose. We must make our city attractive enough that they choose to live here.

The Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre in New Caledonia, in celebrating the indigenous Kanak culture, is unique. This wonderful building, designed by world-renowned Italian architect, Renzo Piano, blends the linguistic and artistic heritage of the Kanak people and gives Kanaks, locals and tourists a place to interact with and learn about Kanak culture.

Surely we can do something similar for Auckland that brings together Pacifica cultures, opens them up to interaction and provides that heart that many say Auckland needs? And can we not do it better?
This concept can help shape Aucklandís response to the challenges of climate change through being a centre for research into impacts on Pacific cultures.
It will be a centre for the celebration of Maori and Pacifica cultures, helping Maori and Pacifica youth reconnect with their cultures and expose those of us with limited connections to learn more Ė a touchpoint where Maori and Polynesians, locals and tourists meet, encounter and interact.  It will be a place where young and old can find education and employment.
This building becomes the physical embodiment of the heart that Auckland has, but which has sadly remained hidden.
This Centre can become the centre of Auckland, physically, focally and culturally.