Kiwa Centre

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home for Maori and Pasifika culture on Auckland's waterfront

In what is claimed to be the worldís largest Polynesian city, where is one to find any evidence of Maori or Polynesian culture in the downtown area? Until the Waka was erected, there was nothing. One must travel up the hill to the War Memorial Museum to experience anything of substance - and that mostly behind glass.

And where do Maori and Polynesians themselves go to see their own culture on show and presented to the world? The Otara market? Apart from a couple of tourist focused Marae tours and the Museum, we offer nothing.

As a New Zealander and Aucklander growing up in this city - my city - contact with Maori and Polynesian culture was minimal. I have lived in around the city, yet I have had next to no interaction with the cultures that make New Zealand so distinct. Encountering and experiencing Maori culture is something that is hard to do unless you seek it out through a tourist-focused enterprise.